EyeSpy.biz is more than a business directory.

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Attract clients
Plan for SEO

We market business online, increase your sales, and save you time and energy keeping up to date with technology.

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Tools for your adverts
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Complete business advertising

We offer services to suit the needs of your business. You may already have opened a business page on a social site such as Facebook, or have a website, but do you have the full package?

Take advantage of the most popular advertising available online today!

We can open business pages for you on various social and business sites, create a mini website for you within our own website, update your existing website, or create a shiny new website for you.

Our unique marketing strategy

Our unique strategy includes listing you inside our own website (which is a business directory) on its own dedicated page, then duplicating this page onto various social and business sites to give your name more weight when search engines call out the words which readers use to find the service or product you offer.

List your business for free on EyeSpy.biz

You can list your business for free on EyeSpy.biz or ask us to assist you in placing a free listing on your behalf.

Free listing

Feature your business in EyeSpy.biz

A featured business listing is similar to having a mini-website within the EyeSpy.biz website without the hassle of updating plugins, paying hosting fees and domain license renewals. See how it can look for you!

Read more on how business listing works, and add your business to EyeSpy.biz for customers to find

How business listings work


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Update your website with EyeSpy.biz

Need to update your website?

Let us save you time and money by updating your website for you.

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We build professional websites

Want a shiny new website?

Let us build you your own website professionally! We know the pitfalls of having a fully functional site – as we have our own!

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