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Rory O’Sullivan Strategic Health Coaching


Hi! My name is Rory O’Sullivan, I am a Health and peak performance coach with a passion for helping people unlock their true capabilities so they can reach their goals and have a positive impact on the world.

Rory o Sullivan, strategic health coach


As a former lawyer, I have experience in the world of high performance and, more importantly, the world of burn out! When I began to clearly identify my life’s purpose, create physical health and energy in my body and successfully manage my emotional state and habits, things started to turn around. I able to perform at a much higher level, take meaningful, valuable action and sustain the process by maintaining a healthy body and mind. I was able to access more of my abilities when I removed limiting beliefs in myself, aligned my actions with my values and woke up each day with energy and confidence. It was at this point that I became obsessed with the science of human potential and how to unleash it in myself and others. I became a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach, cognitive behavioural therapist and practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming so I could show others how to access their own true potential.

Cat looking into a mirror sees himself as a lion

“The greatest disability, is an inability to recognise your own true potential” – Rory O’Sullivan

Energy, confidence and clarity in your direction

Did you live up to your full potential today? Did your show up at your best for your family, career and purpose? Did you attack the day with energy, confidence and clarity in your direction?

Our mission is to help you maximize your physical, mental and emotional state so you can create the life you deserve.


Enjoy life


Our unique, holistic health coaching practice focuses on developing three vital areas:

  1. Physical health, energy and freedom
  2. Mental clarity, alertness and life direction
  3. Emotional health and fitness

We each have a unique purpose and special gifts that are meant to be shared with the world, but here’s the catch: In order to reach your full potential, your body and mind need to work FOR you and not against you – Creating peak health physically, mentally and emotionally is the foundation of building the life you want and making an impact in the world.


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Personal Coaching

Our unique one on one coaching program will help you maximise your physical, mental and emotional health and performance so you can unlock your potential and move closer to your goals. The coaching process will be unique to your own goals, circumstances and needs. You will progressively build the skills required to master your body and mind through simple practices and daily actions. These skills include:

  • Creating meaningful, value-based goals that will bring ultimate fulfillment
  • Replacing old, limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Regulating your daily emotional state
  • Mastering your nutrition patterns for increased energy and optimal health
  • Overcoming harmful habits and reactions that hinder progress

Imagine you are a world-class race car driver. Now picture your vehicle on race day – The tyres are worn down, the GPS system is inaccurate and the wrong fuel is in the gas tank. How do you think you will perform? How much will you enjoy the race? Despite your abilities, your current vehicle won’t get you there.

 Set up  a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and assess your options moving forward.

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