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Personal and Business Growth Strategist Mariley Liebenberg in Durban offers one-on-one and online training.

As a Growth Strategist, I focus on the strategies needed to achieve breakthrough and growth in all areas of personal and business development. My focus area includes personal breakthrough from emotional abuse with a Personal Growth Strategy.

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What Is A Growth Strategy?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes.


How Neuro-Linguistic Programming Works

Modeling, action, and effective communication are key elements of neuro-linguistic programming. The belief is that if an individual can understand how another person accomplishes a task, the process may be copied and communicated to others so they too can accomplish the task.

Proponents of neuro-linguistic programming propose that everyone has a personal map of reality. Those who practice NLP analyze their own and other perspectives to create a systematic overview of one situation. By understanding a range of perspectives, the NLP user gains information. Advocates of this school of thought believe the senses are vital for processing available information and that the body and mind influence each other. Neuro-linguistic programming is an experiential approach. Therefore, if a person wants to understand an action, they must perform that same action to learn from the experience.

NLP practitioners believe there are natural hierarchies of learning, communication, and change. The six logical levels of change are:

Purpose and spirituality: This can be involvement in something larger than oneself, such as religion, ethics, or another system. This is the highest level of change.

Identity: Identity is the person you perceive yourself to be and includes your responsibilities and the roles you play in life.

Beliefs and values: These are your personal belief system and the issues that matter to you.

Capabilities and skills: These are your abilities and what you can do.

Behaviors: Behaviors are the specific actions you perform.

Environment: Your environment is your context or setting, including any other people around you. This is the lowest level of change.

The purpose of each logical level is to organize and direct the information below it. As a result, making a change in a lower level may cause changes in a higher level. However, making a change in a higher level will also result in changes in the lower levels, according to NLP theory.


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Mariley Liebenberg – Growth Strategist: Internationally certified NLP Practitioner in Life Coaching,Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy

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