Mineral infused bottled water from Agua e Vida in Groenkloof Pretoria

Living Water for a Hydration Lifestyle
We supply mineral infused bottled water from Egua e Vida in Groenkloof, Pretoria in various sized bottles or refills for bottles, as well as organic health and skin products.
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At Agua e Vida, we have a unique water filtration system which puts us way ahead of our competitors, and ensure that the water you get from us, is pure and clean.
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Our unique purification system

PURE and CLEAN Bottled Water

We’re the only company that removes high levels of Uranium that causes ADHD, ADD, and Cancer. We remove sewage through a reverse osmosis process.

MINERAL INFUSED bottled water

Agua é Vida reverse osmosis and Uranium free water is then infused with all 84 minerals and trace elements in the perfect proportion as is found in healthy human blood plasma. This is the only way to hydrate your body on a cellular level.

OUR UNIQUE PROCESS of purifying bottled water

Our water goes through a 7 Filter Purifying Process, where all suspended matter, radioactive isotopes, microparticles, lime and scale pollutants as well as chemical and biological pollutants are removed. It then goes through an industrial reverse osmosis machine that removes 99.999% pollutants from water including all ARV’s antibiotics, hormones and unmetabolized birth control medication. Agua é Vida Mineral Concentrate is infused into reverse osmosis purified water to create “Living Water” containing all 84 essential minerals and trace elements. The water is then stored in SABS Food Grade refillable water tanks, where the water gets rotated frequently through a UV light sterilisation to destroys all biological contaminants, an additional precautionary measure only.

Benefit of *Agua é Vida “Real Water”?

Real Water is completely stripped of all contamination (Acid Mine Drainage, Sewage, Industrial Pollution).Natural Organic minerals infused into micro structured clean water gives you real water the way nature provided it centuries ago. Real Water is the same as water centuries ago, water in it’s purest natural state. Real Water is the water that gives life back to you.Real Water is the key to health.

Have you ever wondered what is in your water and why it is so important to your health?

In 2009 this very thought crossed our minds, since then we have made it our mission to bring back Pure Healthy Alkaline Mineral Water, as found on earth centuries ago before human intervention.

So what is Agua é Vida (Water is Life) “Real Water”?

Agua é Vida Mineral Concentrate is exactly what the name says, “WATER IS LIFE”, giving life to water.

We bring you the gift of Real Water, infused with the essential 84 natural and organic minerals as well as trace elements equivalent to water in it’s pure and natural state centuries ago.

Why Agua é Vida (Water is Life) “Real Water”?

In contrast with the pure natural and organic minerals water had centuries ago, South Africa’s current natural water sources are stripped of life. The minerals and trace elements have been removed.

Combine this with constantly exposed to increasing contaminating factors through modern living and constantly changing circumstances throughout our country.

Dysfunctional sewage plants, acid rain, chemical purification methods and mines dumping their refuge (Acid Mine Drainage) into our rivers are a few of the main causes for the unhealthy state our water is in today.

Instead of being a source of life sustaining, natural organic minerals and trace elements, our water is becoming a ever increasing hazard to healthy living due to the increasing contaminating factors that are slowly but surely changing our water to become the biggest trigger for various illnesses over time.

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You hold your future
How is Agua é Vida “Real Water” the best option?

Firstly we use ISO-GRAM Filters to remove all the positively charged radio-active uranium isotopes, leaving the water completely radio-active free.

Secondly we use a complete reverse osmosis system to remove all pollutants up to 0.0001 of a micron, giving you water that is completely contamination free.

However, this water is de-mineralized “dead, hungry” water, and then we infuse Agua é Vida mineral concentrate leaving you with water that is perfectly clean, infused only with the minerals and trace elements that is needed in water, making it equal to water of 200 years ago.

Agua é Vida mineral concentrate is the life in water because of the natural minerals and trace elements it contains. These minerals and trace elements are subtracted from The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock which is the minerals that was formed by nature millions of years ago and is the only uncontaminated natural minerals and trace elements to be found on earth today.

The chemical analysis of these minerals as in to the proportion percentage is the same analysis as human blood plasma. Because the minerals in the human blood plasma is obtained from water.

These minerals an trace elements are infused into the water through unique processes that micro structure the water molecules. This micro structure process prepares the water’s molecules to accept the minerals into the molecule structure of the water and is referred to as infusion.

Infusion of minerals is the only way minerals can be contained in water. Natural Organic Minerals that are infused is the best state your body recognizes minerals, and therefore it will absorb it optimally. On the contrary dissolved minerals trough taking mineral supplements can not be absorbed into the blood stream effectively. The body sees it as an-organic, causing your body to rid itself of most of it again.

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Agua e Vida, Groenkloof Pretoria
We have the Following Bottled Water Products:

Water (bottled), Water Refills, Water Dispensers, Water Bottles, Branded Water, Mineral Concentrate, HDPE (Refillable) Containers

We have the Following Health Products:

Sweeteners, Moringa, Relaxed Focus, Mineral Face and skin products, weight-loss, Rosehip, Himalayan Salt, Zeolite, Omega 3, Herbal Tonic (Immune Booster), Vitamin Food

*Agua e Vida Groenkloof, Pretoria is a branch of the Agua  é  Vida – Pure healthy Alkaline Mineral Water brand.
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