Creating Artists online acting courses and in person coaches based in Australia

Broaden your insight on scripts and actions.

Creating Artists offer in-person as well as online acting courses to Broaden your insight on scripts and actions.


Joel and Kylie pooled their talents and started Creating Artists, featuring the 12 Concepts to help actors reach their performance potential faster by providing performance and mindset tools based on science, not opinion.

Other things we do:

  • Private coaching
  • Self taping
  • American accent coaching
  • Challenge nights
  • Online monthly challenge

Concept Courses.

Creating Artists combine the known and trusted acting techniques with modern day psychological research in 12 Concepts. 

Are you an actor starting out looking for a technique to analyse scripts? Or perhaps you’re an experienced actor who wants to take your work to a deeper level.

twelve Concepts by Creating Artists


The 12 Concepts teaches you HOW to go deeper in your performance style to produce standout work by providing specific traditional acting techniques that have been adapted based on current psychological research findings.

Three Concept Courses to help you gain these skills.


There are three packages of 12 Concepts, tailored to your needs. 

All packages include:

  • 12 Video Concept lessons with Joel Pierce
  • 12 Scripts hand selected to match each Concept lesson
  • Example Videos and Tutorials to enhance your understanding of the Concepts

These courses are like none other you have ever seen!


(i) The 12 Concepts: Freedom


FREEDOM includes the 12 Concept Videos, 12 hand selected scripts, and examples to help you learn. You will walk away with a clear SCRIPT ANALYSIS TECHNIQUE.

(ii)     The 12 Concepts: Flexi


FLEXI offers all the 12 Concept learning materials PLUS TWO PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS to ensure you’re on the right track.

(iii)     The 12 Concepts: ULTIMATE


ULTIMATE offers 12 Private Coaching Sessions that will provide COMPREHENSIVE MENTORSHIP in applying the 12 Concepts.

The 12 Concepts can also be done online!


Can’t make it face-to-face? Want to learn in your own time? Do you like learning from home?

Joel Pierce, actor


  • Need help with a scene?
  • Want to prepare for an audition?
  • Need advice on approaching agents?
  • Need help editing your showreel? 
  • Need pilot season material?

Book a Private Coaching Session!

Self Taping.


Make the most of the opportunity. It’s not just about recording a scene. Receive direction from Joel to enhance you work. We also have two professional readers.

Walk away with your self tape:

  1. Filmed hassle free with professional lighting and sound
  2. Edited and exported
  3. Sent off via We Transfer

American Accent Coaching.


Learn the General American Accent using techniques to understand the physical and phonetic nature of the accent.

You will learn techniques that will help you fast track an authentic American accent.

Accent techniques relate to:

  1. Mouth Structure
  2. Word Conjunction
  3. Intonation
  4. Muscle Memory

Challenge Nights.


Classes that occur once a month where you learn and have fun.

Film reel with photos of Creating Actors coaches Joel Pierce and Kylie Loveday
Actors Challenge Night

Online Monthly Challenge.


Keep your performance skills sharp by doing a scene once a month.

    • Receive the Challenge Night script and lesson via Video
    • Record the scene and send via self tape
    • Receive personal feedback from Joel Pierce on your performance
    • Record again, send in, and get more feedback
Headshots of Joel Pierce and Kylie Loveday from Creating Artists
About Joel and Kylie from Creating Artists


Creating Artists was created by Joel Pierce & Kylie Loveday

🎬 A modern twist on traditional acting techniques supported by research

🎥 Acting Coaches @joel.pierce @kylie.loveday

🎞 Challenges, Self Tapes & More

Joel Pierce

Joel has over 20 years professional experience working in TV, film, voice overs, and theatre. Following a Bachelor of Arts (Drama) Joel’s career took off as a series regular working on over 300 episodes on a South African Soap, EGOLI. Joel has since worked on an array of projects including most recently MONSTER PROBLEMS (Paramount Pictures) and KONG VS GODZILLA (Warner Bros) and HARROW (ABC). Other projects Joel’s worked on include THE END, THE BUREAU OF MAGICAL THINGS, HOME & AWAY, NEIGHBOURS, SCHAPELLE, HOGES, SEA PATROL, THE LOVERS, MONARCH COVE, and more. Joel also has a valid blue card.

Joel Pierce tying up the sleeve buttons of his white shirt wearing his black tie loosely
Joel Pierce

“I wish someone had told me this stuff 20 years ago”

Kylie Loveday

Kylie has 25 years experience as an actor, voice over artist, and singer. Since graduating from NIDA in Sydney, Kylie has worked on SPACE CHICKENS IN SPACE (Disney/Stan), THE BUREAU OF MAGICAL THINGS (Nickelodeon), MAKO ISLAND (Netflix), HOGES (Channel 7), AUSTRALIA DAY (Foxtel), and more. Kylie also has a Bachelor of Psychology and is doing a PhD in Psychology and Performance at Griffith University. Kylie is a specialist in positive and performance psychology and wants to help actors elevate their mindset and craft using evidence-based techniques. 

Kylie Loveday wearing a halterneck white and blue dress with her long golden locks falling over her shoulders
Kylie Loveday from Creating Artists

“I wanted research that supports what peak performance is”

Peak Performance is…

A heightened psychological state of living, thinking, and being motivated as the character. It’s a focused, spontaneous, and immersive state that can only be achieved when an actors basic performance needs and psychological beliefs are met.   — Kylie Loveday

Humans have needs.

A famous Psychology philosopher called Maslow stated that for humans to reach enlightenment in life, first they needed their basic physical, social, and psychological needs met. Actors are no different.

Actors have needs.

Actors first need to feel 100% prepared and socially supported on set. From this they gain self-efficacy and psychological safety before reaching a free and accepting state. Only then can peak performance be reached. Pressure and motivation can influence peak performance and require management.

How do you reach peak performance?

Satisfy all your needs. This includes the ability to prepare, collaborate, have an optimal mindset, and achieve the peak performance state.

Kylie Loveday

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