Bookworm bargains collect or post Upper Highway KZN

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Bookworm bargain books and cds in excellent condition collect or post Upper Highway KZN for great reading entertainment, fiction and non-fiction great variety of books for people of all genre and ages.


Enjoy reading? You will be pleasantly surprised at the large selection of affordable pre-owned books we have on offer, all in excellent condition.

Kiddies Books, educational books at affordable prices


Childrens books to keep your little ones happy and busy! Find what we have at Bookworm bargains in Upper Highway, KZN. Kiddies books, educational books, fiction and non-fiction, plus many many more available in stock.

We carry a huge selection in stock, which include the following:

  • Novels

  • Fiction books

  • South African books

  • Afrikana books

  • History books

  • children books

  • Biographies

  • Motorcar books

  • Nature books

  • Horse books

  • Dog books

  • Bird books

  • Gardening books

  • Cookery books

  • Classic books

  • Sports books

CDs in mint condition at reasonable prices at Bookworm bargains in Upper Highway KZN


Rack full of a wide variety of cds on sale from Bookworm Bargains in the Upper Highway KZN
CDs for your pleasure


Our range of pre-owned cds includes classical, pop, modern, rock-and-roll as well as the most popular musical entertainers at very reasonable prices.

Thriller books, detective books, horror books including Pat Cornwell


Pat Cornwell books, thrillers, horror, detective, crime and all sorts of very interesting books in great condition, affordable prices, from Bookworm bargains in Upper Highway.

Lee Child books, Wilbur Smith books and other popular authors from Bookworm Bargains in Upper Highway


Lee Child books, Wilbur Smith books as well as a very large selection of popular authors at reasonable prices from Bookworm Bargains in Upper Highway.

Pre-owned books in excellent condition from my home to yours.


You may browse through and choose from the wide selection of pre-owned books in excellent condition from my home in Upper Highway, KZN

We post Bookworm Bargain Books to you


Post office slip used by Bookworm Bargains for their clients to receive their books by mail
We post!


We use the local postal service to post books to you at a nominal charge per weight of the parcel.

We source books for you

If we do not have the books you want, we will try to source books for you.


Shongweni Farmers Market stall holder Bookworm Bargains


Signboard for Bookworm bargains at the Shongweni Farmers Market
Songweni Farmers Market stall


You may have met us at the Shongweni Farmers Market where Bookworm Bargains have been regular stall holders since 2012.

Contact Cathryn from Bookworm Bargains

My preferred manner of contact is via WhatsApp on +27 724829635 or email [email protected]

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