Army style fitness and personal trainer Daniel Maguire in Umhlanga, Durban North

*Everything you need to get the body you deserve*

Army Style Fitness and Personal Trainer, Daniel Maguire in Umhlanga, Durban

An ex-specialized soldier dedicated to helping people reach their physical, mental and nutritional goals.
Specializing in weight loss, toning, muscle building, weight training and fitness.

Daniel is also a Lifestyle coach, nutritionist, and fitness coach in Umhlanga.

Daniel Maguire in his military outfit is now fitness trainer in Umhlanga
Meet Daniel Maguire

Lose weight, build muscle, tone up, get fit and healthy.

A personal trainer with military background who likes to help people with the discipline and focus needed to achieve their goals in a private gym in Umhlanga which is right on the beach with NO GYM FEES or in the comfort of your own home.

fitness trainer and his clients running in the sea to get fit army style
Get fit in Umhlanga army style

Personal and private fitness training available in Umhlanga with coach Daniel Maguire


Private weight training sessions designed to build muscle or target stubborn areas, lose excess body fat and tone up.
Learn the correct movement for exercises to give you the best results and help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Private gym in Umhlanga – right on the beach, gorgeous views and environment with NO GYM FEES, shower, sauna and bathroom available, OR get trained in the comfort of your own home.

          • Fitness camps, Umhlanga Rocks, Durban North

An ex-specialized soldier experienced in various military operations available to host fitness camps for boys and men of all ages in the Durban area.

          • Life coach, Umhlanga, Durban North

Ex-specialized soldier at your service in Durban North and Umhlanga to assist you focus on reaching your goals for a better life style and health.

Mother carrying baby walking on the shore with husband and young son in their swimming costumes during the day
Health for your whole family
        • Nutritionist, Umhlanga, Durban North

The correct nutritional intake for your daily energy requirements is the first step to optimize your body strength and features.

Learning the basics of acids and alkaline, how these affect your metabolism as well as the value of detox strategies are vital for future health benefits.

Daniel is able to assist you with a custom made plan for optimal nutrition and health, based on your personal needs and lifestyle.

Naked Lady holding a slim sculpted body in front of hers
Get the body you want!

*Everything you need to get the body you deserve*

Mon - Fri 05:00AM - 7PM Sat 8AM - 3PM
Lagoon Drive 88
Umhlanga 4320 KZN ZA
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